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Snap-On Boat Covers
Snap-On travel covers have become extremely popular with boat owners over the last 10 years. Many people like the ease of throwing all their gear into their boat, snapping on their cover, and traveling to the lake, knowing that their 'stuff' is protected from wind, dirt, rain, and prying eyes.
All our snap-on covers are custom made for your exact make and model of boat. They can also be altered to fit around any type of custom framework and towers. The underside is reinforced at all critical wear points, including the windshield, cleats, mounts, etc.
Our standard snap-on cockpit and open bow covers are made from Sunbrella® fabrics - the best all weather marine fabric available. We can also make snap-on bow covers out of a less expensive marine vinyl.
  • Local Customers: Local Utah residents should bring their boat to our showroom for measuring and installation. We have a large indoor area and a gated yard to store your boat until your cover is completed.
  • Out-of-Area Customers: Customers outside the Salt Lake City area may also be candidates for a custom snap-on cover. We are able to offer this option due to the many patterns kept from previously manufactured custom covers. This is possible only when the boat in question has never had a previous snap-on cover and is fairly stock from the manufacturer. Customers interested should feel free to contact us via phone or email to find out if we have a pattern for your boat. Because some installation is required on snap-on covers, the necessary hardware and installtion instructions would be included.

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